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Allen's Midnight Rascal


           CSR Gold Fever   

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CSR Walkers -- Your next best friend is here


Crystal Star Ranch, committed to raising quality TENNESSEE WALKING HORSE is in a scenic part of Alberta along the North Saskatchewan River.  We have some of the finest horses for sale in Alberta.



     Crystal Star Ranch is in a scenic part of Alberta along the North Saskatchewan River.  With all the sloughs and ponds we have an abundance of wild life such as bald eagles, bears, coyotes, foxes, deer, moose, beaver and even a pair of raccoons. My parents run  200 cows and my family settled in area nearly a hundred years ago.

       I got my start in Walking Horses when I was boarding my Appy mare while I was living in Central Alberta with a Tennessee Walking Horse breeder in 1995.  I was so impressed with their quiet temperament and gentle way that I had to ride one.  Well that was all the hook I needed.  I had always wanted to raise horses, but none of the other breeds looked feasible.  Now I had found a breed that I just loved.  When my husband and I move back up to the family ranch it was with Top O'the Mornin' and her baby filly Glory.  The next year we purchased our stallion - Allen's Midnight Rascal.  We've built up our herd very carefully and slowly, most of the horses being born here, and myself doing all the training, right from imprinting at birth to riding.

        Over the years I've taken many training courses, some on general training, and some specifically geared toward Walking Horses, educating myself on gaiting.  I now train all our horses using a combination of natural horsemanship styles that suit each horse's specific needs.  We've used our horses for a variety of purposes, mostly to move cattle and trail riding and as time permits, showing. It basically doesn't matter what you want to use your Walking horse for, a quiet, well mannered and trained horse can carry you to what ever is your pleasure in comfort and style.  We always have a variety of horses for sale. 
     My stallion, Rascal carries many of the old, great walking horses in his pedigree, thus fulfilling my aim of breeding naturally gaited walking horses.


I am no longer accepting horses in for training, but am very happy to accept riders/owners and their horses onto my ranch to teach owners how to train their walkers.  I can assist on behaviour issues, gaiting, and general horsmanship. 



Terms of Sale
All CSR (Chrystal Star Ranch) horses are sold with GST add on to the finial sale price
Payment-- All horses must be paid in full before they leave the farm.  Payment arangements can be made, I will accept a personal cheque, but the horse must stay here until it clears.
Cash is happily accepted.



It is great saddness that I announce that we are retiring our main herd sire, Allen's Midnight Rascal.  I am keeping his last two foals, CSR Celest, and Missy's unborn foal.  Rascal has been a great sire, with many of his offspring all across Canada. 



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The Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse is now offering full pedigrees on line!  Just go to the CLRC website and click Pedigrees. 

It is a great tool to see if your horse has any offspring, who might own a horse you previously owned, what his extended pedigree looks like, if there are any other walking horses in your area!  The list is endless.  You don't have to be a member or pay any fees, so just go and check it out.

I am also proud to serve as a member of the board on the CRTWH.  We support sound horses and promote sound horses in Canada.


I hear the market is very slow, but conversly, a buyer can't find a good horse.  While we all like to bargin hunt, sometimes you get what you pay for.  I work with my horses from the time they are born, they are respectful and safe.  I know their history, their parents history and sometimes even their grandparents history. 

Because I know their history I can accuratly answer any question you might have about a horse.  I am not a horse trader, I don't have other peoples "downgrades" here.  No surprises.
They are wormed regularily, hoof trimmed and fed according to their needs.  No surprises with wormy bellies, cracked feet or founder.  

I work very hard to match the right horse to the buyer.  I want the buyer to love their horse as much as I do.

I am striving to breed a great trail horse that you can show if you want.  There is not a big emphasis on showing, as there just arn't that many shows to go to, but it is something that I enjoy.  I will not sell a horse before it is ready, even if that means I keep them for an extra year or two.  Some horses just need that kind of time.

 You can not "bargin shop" and get that kind of service and confidence.

For these reason, I have priced my horses accordingly.  Yes, they are not "bargin" horses, but I expect a good trail mount to last for 20 or more years, so with a proper start, a good trail mount is well worth the investment.


We are happy to answer any of your horse-related questions!

 Fran and Gordon Kerik







           Celebrating more than 

             20 years of raising                         TENNESSEE WALKING HORSES!


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