**14hh ++ still growing

Smokey Black

Reg Pending

DOB: 2015 -04-27

Allen's Midnight Rascal X Creamy Lady


Smoky is a big, well built gelding.  Terrifically gaited,  a no nonsense type of boy.  Once he has "hooked up" to you he is very willing and has lots of try.

He has been loaded, trimmed, stands tied, leads well both sides, will walk through mud and water. 

Videos on you tube.








13 hh and still growing


DOB 2015-05-03

Registation # 2015-[CAN]3911

CSR Gold Fever X CSR Blaise of Glory


We call this sweet gelding Sweets!  He loves, loves people and attention.  A little smaller, he has a nice gait on the lunge, no trot or pace. 

Stands tied, trims, loads , will lead through puddles and mud.  Used to all sorts of critters and vehicles and is spending the winter with the cows.

You can see videos of him on you tube.






Congratulations Donna!  I know you are going to make a great partner for Lucky

.14 hands

Gold Champagne, no white markings

DOB 2013-10-05

Registration # 2013-[CAN]3785

CSR Gold Fever X CSR Alegra

Lucky is a late fall colt, picture was taken just after his second birthday.  He is a wonderful deep golden colour!  With a white mane and mostly white tail.  He is a friendly, curious gelding who is quite bold and not afraid of much.  Super quiet.  He shows a wonderful gait in the pasture and on the lunge line.

Stands tied, trailer loads, picks up feet and is easy to catch.





















all horses are sold registered, with paid transfers

The horses on this page have had various levels of training completed toward their saddle horse career.  I don't rush their training, prefering to build up on the steps that they have been taught to finish with a well rounded horse.

Bad manners are not tolerated.
All horses are expect to stand tied,wether on the high line or cross ties,   give their feet, saddle and bridle quietly.  Load in a trailer, be brushed and fussed over.  All horses are taught to lunge, step over, back up.  
Bad manners at feeding time is also not tolerated.  There will be no chasing each other off the feed, kicking at each other or biting.  The same goes for when I am in the herd.


Terms of Sale
All CSR (Chrystal Star Ranch) horses are sold with GST add on to the finial sale price

Payment-- All horses must be paid in full before they leave the farm.  Payment arangements can be made, I will accept a personal cheque, but the horse must stay here until it clears.
Cash is happily accepted.





The Joy of Money  X  Gold'n'Silver's Black Gold

Registration # 2008-[CAN]2322

Standing at 15.2, Penny is a spitten image of her sire, Money.  She is a dark liver chestnut. She is friendly, picks up her feet for trimming and  shoeing and will stand tied quietly both to a post and highline.

We have been riding Penny since she was started at 4.  She has moved cows, gone to the Blackfoot trail riding, ridden on the road and in the fields.  She has been in several parades both 2013 and 2014.  She  has participated in two years of riding in the Wild Pink Yonder.  Nothing bothered this horse -Bridges, wagons, highway semi's, quads and riding through large towns. She also has spent time up in the Ya Ha Tinda for two summers. One week and then ten days.  Crossed bridges, rivers, lots of mud!  rode in the middle end and lead.  Is very calm and sensable, will wait her turn when going up or down difficult trails.

Penny does really well on those big group trail rides, so if you like to participate in organized rides, she is a fun and safe ride no matter what the crowd is doing.

  She has very long legs and a very fast walk before she ever goes into gait.  Her gait is nice and smooth, but I find you do have to have some experience riding gaited horses to get her in it.
Penny is a very calm horse, is not reactive at all.  I just love working with this horse!  

You can see more pictures and  video clips of her on my facebook page Chrystal star ranch. I put  new pictures up as training progresses.

Penny has also passed her Basic Skills and Trail Riding levels 1-3 in the Canadian Registry Program for excellence.  You can see videos of these skills on Facebook and youtube







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