Missy is our latest addition.  She is a super sweet 14.1 hh 13 year old mare.  She carries two champagne genes (Ch/Ch), meaning she can only have champagne babies.She also carries one black gene and one red gene (Ee). 

Very sweet and super friendly.


Bred to Gold Fever for 2019 foal


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amber champagne

Creamy Lady Sold



Canadian reg 2004-3826

US reg  20406661

Captain's Cream Color  X Fireball's Lady Lou



Stella is a beautiful Buckskin mare.  She is nicely broke with an awesome gait and canter.  She is so totally natural you just got to sit on her and enjoy the ride.  A spunky mare standing at 14.2  she can go all day. 

We bred her to Rascal and have a nice colt born in 2015 who is totally well gaited like his sire and dam.

You can see video's of her on my yourtube chanel..



Allen's Midnight Rascal X Mornin's Glory


Blaise was born just hours before one of the worst snow storms we've ever had. Schools were shut down for three days in a row there was so much snow. She stayed warm and cozy in the barn though, where we had a good time playing with her. She's a super friendly girl, always coming up for pets and cuddles. She gaits at liberty in the pasture, showing good stride and a nice head nod. She should grow up to be a good looking mare like her dam.

Blaise has started her saddle training and has taken to it really well. She had some really good rides in 2013 and a few in 2014.  In fact I hadn't ridden her in a year and we went out on a two hour ride with Allie, two green horses who were both so fun to ride.
We bred Blaise to Mel for a 2015 foal.  No matter what colour the foal will be, I know it will be a super talented baby.

Baby update!
Blaise foaled out a super cute black colt with a funky star and one white foot on May 4, 2015 that we named

CSR Saturday Night Fever.  You can find him on my sale page.


.Mel has achieved  his SILVER level in the CRTWH Program for Excelence!

That means that he has been evaluated by an independent judge to exhibit a correct flat walk and run walk.  You don't just have to take my word for it.

This awesome stallion is a solid gold champagne .  He was born with the blue eyes and pink skin of a champagne.  He's very mellow and sweet, has a great dispositon.  He's showing a good four beat gait under saddle--no trot or pace in this boy!

He went to Bill Roy for the start of training, and I will be continueing with his education here at home.  He is a very good student, so willing to please.


With so much GOLD in his pedigree, we thought it was only fitting that his registerd name reflect that. His papers  read like a who's who of Alberta Walking horses. He has Gold Coin on the top AND bottom of his papers. From Gold Coin desends Gold Legacy, Neitak's Gold Chip, and My Golden Girl Tara on the bottom and Coin's Hard Cash and Joy of Money on the top. He also has Delight's Bumin Around and Generator's Cherokee on his papers. 

Allen's Midnight Rascal

 Reg # 986450 TWHBEA
 Reg # 1998-3434 CRTWH
 Reg # 1998-HC-278-FH


Rascal is a triple registered Tennessee Walking Horse.  He carries papers from Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors (the American registry), Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse, and the International and Heritage Walking Horse  Association, registered as full heritage.  

Homozygous Black


Rascal has an amazing set of papers.  Very, Very old bloodlines.

His last line shows Wilson's Allen, Little Merry Boy, Pride of Midnight, Red Bud's Rascal, Merry Boy, Midnight of Oakwood, Merry Go Boy and my favorite, Black Angel.

His second last line, the line that will be on your foal's papers:  Midnight Sun, Merry Go Boy and Angel's Go Boy

Rascal is just a fantastic horse, and is a credit to his breed. I purchased him as a four month old colt as a stallion prospect.   I would not have had him this long as a stallion if he wasn't.  With over 30 foals on the ground, his track record for gaited, trainable foals is undisputed.
I consider him my once in a life time horse.  I've done everything but show him.  I was green to TWH when I got him and had never shown, never mind a stallion, so I never entered the show ring with him to my regret.  However, we have done numerous other riding acitvities.  Just some of our adventures  include a clinic, moving cows,  parades, trail riding, and going to the arena just for some fun (with a stock trailer load of mares). 

His amazing temperment lets me get on him after long rests (weeks, months and sometimes years), and ride him with a strange groups of horses.

His fabulous gait is being passed on 100% of the time, no matter how the mare gaits.  I've bred him to pacy mares, trotty mares and mares that you just aren't sure what gait they are doing, and every single foal has gaited, a true four-beat walking horse gait.  His offspring have gone on to show at the Canadian Futurities, always placing in the ribbons.  I've shown two three year old fillies by him, again competing very well (especially as I didn't know what I was doing), his daughter Mira getting High-point Two Gait at one show when she was three.  His other foals have become super family horses, with nothing but praise from their owners.  All of them walk the walk.

Rascal also does a fantastic canter, a true slow three beat canter.  I did not have to train it into him, it is bred into him.

I have enrolled Rascal in the Canadian Registry Triple Challenge. So far he has met the requirement in the following:

Basic Skills

Trail Riding levels 1, 2 and 3

Horsemanship level 1

I am so looking forward to the next few years as we work on more levels and challenges.  

Due to my needing to cut down on my work load and Rascal's age, we are retiring him from breeding starting in 2018.  














May 19, 2006
Allen's Midnight Rascal X Top O'the Mornin'


14.1 hh

This is the last foal  from Mornin'.   All of Mornin's daughters are exceptional  and this last one didn't break the rule.

She's spent some time in the feedlot, and extensively ridden. Mountains, large trail rides, cattle drives Belle is a fun, fun horse to ride.  She is brave and forward, but very sensitive to her rider.  She tries to please and has lots of heart.  Smooth, Smooth ,Smooth!  She is one of my favorite horse to ride.


We've had one exceptional colt from her, CSR He'za Rock Star.  An absolute sweet heart, his owners just love him.

Belle has been enroled in the Program for Excellence offered by the Canadian Registry of the Tennessee Walking Horse (CRTWH).  So far she has completed:

Bronze (conformation assesment)

Silver (gait assesment flat walk, run walk)

Basic skills

Trail levels 1, 2 and 3



Reg # 2009-[CAN]3501


May 16, 2009

The Joy of Money X
My Golden Girl Tara


Gold Champagne 


20414571 TWHBEA
May 13, 2004

Sorrel with a flax mane and tail, Sabino (ee)

Major's Power Play (20109372)
Wind At My Back  (20008709)

Pixie is a wonderful little mare!  She is on the smaller side, 14.1 and has a bright mane and tail.  She has a sweet disposition and is very easy to handle.  

What impressed me about her is how easy she is to handle when she just foaled, her awesome stride and her willingness to try new things.  I did get her started undersaddle when I got her home, and she was wonderful to work with.   It is for these reasons that I have kept her for a broodmare.

Bred to Gold Fever for a 2019 foal

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